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Quality & Integrity Process

We, PT Arteria Daya Mulia as the largest fishing net manufacturer in Indonesia with more than 40 years experienced are qualified and certified in ISO 9001, ISO 18001 & ISO 45001. Our commitment to quality assurance with always conduct continuous improvement & development in keep our product quality as the best for customer satisfactio

The finest raw materials are used to produce our best quality net, high viscosity polyamide [nylon] also polyethylene will make strong & very good transparency fishing net.
Every raw materials & auxiliaries were tested to meet our requirement standard before putting into the next step.

Our extrusion machine produce monofilament, either nylon and polyethylene with top Japanese Machineries to achieve high breaking strength, softness and excellent transparency.
Every filament we made were test and control carefully for meet our premium quality.

We produce FDY, High Tenacity Nylon Yarn with high precision Germany Technology to make excellent breaking strength yarn to gain best fishing nets & twines, with soft handfeel & durable.
Our colored yarn are made in spinning process ensure best weather fastness, some color were also made in dyeing process.
Each process were carefully supervised and test in our textile & chemical laboratories to perfectness.

Next process after extrusion, nylon or polyethylene filament will be twisted in this step. Our Japanese & Spanish machineries will ensure our premium quality of twine for both strength or softness.
For Polyethylene, we have next step to twist it with the best machinery from Denmark as PE Rope.
This technologies will guarantee best quality of the rope in our production line.

We are well known in knitting process, highly experienced & well management supported with greatest knitting machineries with Japan Technology and equipment are keys to make strong tight knot, precision mesh size & stable quality.
Our net lines are for nylon multifilament nets, nylon monofilament nets, nylon multi-monofilament nets, PE multi-monofilament nets & nylon knotless Rachel nets.

We have 2 coloring system, for main products we colored it since the beginning during yarn process with dope dye masterbatch. Best colorfastness is achieved with this process, stable color & uniformity
Also for other, we can make customers color request by dyed process, with premium color pigment & chemical to ensure brightness & good colorfastness of our goods

Heat set finishing process is end process applicable nets in which are subjected to the action of mechanical stretching at high heat to make it dimensionally stable and avoids crimping of the net meshes.
In this process, the nets will have heat setting treatment with 2 different stretching system, as follows :
a) TATE – Lengthway Stretching : The nets will be stretched with heat-set by our stretching machine according to the length of th net.
b) YOKO – Depthway Stretching : The nets will be stretched by the depth way, using heat from steam in specific setting will make our net is neat, soft and shiny.
All those finishing process has been conduct carefully to gain our best quality nets to it’s perfection

We understand that nets quality is the most important priority to our customers, and put our highest concern to achieve best quality. For that, in every section we have Quality Control checking to ensure all products are perfect.
From raw material, yarn until nets were tested in every aspects such nylon chips viscosity, yarn evenness & strength quality, until nets strength, diameter, mesh shape & size, color, length, etc.
Thus Quality Control will assuring our product in bringing the highest customer satisfaction.

Our finished goods are being handle carefully and packed in premium packaging. we taking care with neat & clean to keep our goods always in good condition from our warehouse until delivered to our customers.

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